Fiddlehead Shadowbox Rings

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These feel like a win.
There are days I swear I can hear the left and right sides of my brain at war with each other. The realist versus the romantic, always. How can you be both so strongly? Some days I feel like I force art to be jewelry and some days I tell myself, “no art today, just jewelry,” and end up hating what I make.

I know these don’t seem like anything super special but this is the style that makes me feel most at home with myself. And if I could balance here more often, I would - the realm between practicality and whimsicality, between calculatory and visionary, when the realist and the romantic on my shoulders give it a break for the day ➗🧮⚖️⚙️🌿✨🦄🧌🧙‍♀️
I just really love these and I hope you like them, too 😊

Fiddlehead Shadowboxes //
Handcut fiddlehead ferns. Silver. Brass studs. Larger measures 1.4”x0.9” and is a size 7.75, smaller measures 1.1”x0.9” and is a size 6.75.