The Pale Blue Dot Ring // Size 7-7.25

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Something cooler than Valentine’s Day.. February 14th is also the anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot — the day, 31 years ago, Voyager 1 captured the famous photo of earth from 3.7 billion miles away at the request of Carl Sagan. And of course his famous speech - “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us...” read it if you haven’t.

So - Labradorite representing earth, the pale blue dot, at the center of a spinning pulsar map — the very complicated binary map depicting the 14 known pulsars (spinning neutron stars, hence the spinning action 😉) sent aboard voyager 1 in the Golden Record. A map to our sun, a map to us. I could go on for days but the golden record is comprised of information about earth - maps, photos of humans/animals/landscapes, music, whale sounds, anatomical diagrams, art, etc, etc. Basically a guide to human life should aliens ever intercept Voyager. Profoundly moving to see life as we know it wrapped up in a few photos, some sounds, numbers and symbols that we have made up, with the intent that something, somewhere, sometime.. might be able to figure it all out. What would you include in the golden record? It’s both interesting and overwhelming to think about.

Anyway. Labradorite. Sterling silver pulsar map. Brass prongs. Size 7-7.25. And she spins!